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Case Studies

Case Studies

Our case studies are our recipes for success — telling a story of the journey we go on with our clients to give them exactly the foodservice they want, at the right price. Delicious menus to feed body and mind, helping their businesses to flourish.

‘We keep each other on the ball’

At Kadaster’s eight office locations, Eurest Services provides an extensive package of facilities services. Quality, support and continued innovation are the key words here. ‘We don’t get involved in the content, but we do want the best for our staff and guests.’

Supporting the UMCG

The University Medical Centre Groningen is like a small village. With streets, shops and a restaurant of course. From a cup of coffee to seeing the specialist, to taking time out from the ward to see other people. A varied public which makes special demands on catering within the walls of a hospital. For nearly 25 years, Eurest has been successful in serving staff, visitors and patients.


Ongoing dialogue with students at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen

A student of nutrition & dietetics prefers to eat a healthy and varied diet. An international student at a conservatoire prefers an affordable hot meal. And the average technical student still really enjoys a snack… Students form a challenging target group. Together, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Eurest are managing to respond to their needs even better.


'Whatever the question, we always have an answer’

Shell personnel form a dynamic and critical community. So their employer not only serves them the best lunch, they can also depend on professional cleaning and a service desk which coordinates the planning of the meeting rooms. And Eurest Services does much more for Shell.


'Our cleaners also work during the day'

When UWV searched for a new service supplier two years ago, the price wasn't the deciding factor. The organisation particularly checked if there was a DNA match.



Substantial growth without becoming a 'factory'

Imagine: a restaurant concept for 10,000 highly qualified specialists in High Tech Technologies on a site covering barely one square kilometre. Eurest did just that and developed The Strip for the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (HTCE). This concept comprises eight totally different restaurants and a food truck in and around a 400-metre-long building where guests can eat and drink together, have meetings and enjoy themselves.

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