Campus sfeerbeeld


Catering for education

Today’s students are increasingly critical about food. The Campus restaurant has the right ingredients to surprise them: an extensive choice of delicious sandwiches, fresh soups, salad meals, fresh smoothies, organic products, healthy snacks and A-brands. But it is not just students who will enjoy this range; the campus restaurant is also open to your employees. To eat, study, meet each other and talk, at any time of day. Naturally, your students and employees can also go to the restaurant for a take-away between lectures. Friendly service and convenience go hand in hand.

Fast and friendly service
The queues are short and the throughput rate is optimal. In addition to the tempting food range, good logistics and fast payment are conditions for catering in educational institutions. Everything is designed to ensure that breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for your students and employees can be taken in the most relaxed atmosphere possible.

Atmosphere is experience
Appearances matter. Certainly for students, an attractive setting is important. This was taken into account in the development of the upgraded Campus formula. Where do critical students feel at home and what do your employees regard as a pleasant atmosphere for a meeting? The answer is a modern interior and a welcoming atmosphere, where different people with different interests, courses and busy agendas can relax together for a moment.