The Eurest family

Medewerkers aan het werk


COERT VAN SANTEN - Facility Consultant

Coert van Santen is Facility Consultant at the
Facility Competence Centre Coert van Santen(FCC), the knowledge centre of Eurest Services. The FCC is responsible for gathering and distributing all the knowledge and information within Eurest Services.

In June 2014, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) steering group was founded, of which Coert is the proud chairperson. The task of the CSR steering group is to further develop sustainability at Eurest Nederland. This is done through targeted campaigns and by regularly highlighting the theme, both internally and externally. The CSR steering group also regularly presents its vision to clients and during social gatherings.

“As a member of the CSR steering group, my knowledge and experience about sustainability cont-
inues to grow. It’s very interesting because I’m
always learning new things.”

COLLIN GOEDHART - Locatiemanager

Collin GoedhartCollin Goedhart, a secret food nerd, has been site manager of The Strip at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven since 2005. In 2004, he started his career with Eurest as Executive Chef, later becoming site manager, F&B manager and Operational Manager. Collin is also closely involved in the Colour Kitchen. With this unique concept, young people are given a fresh chance to become part of society.

“Every day our team is challenged to present the vision of Eurest, provide top products and offer a perfect service. Add to that a unique venue and you have an amazing cocktail to which I’m gradually becoming addicted.”

DENNIS POLMAN - Manager Operations

Dennis PolmanDennis Polman worked for various other catering companies and is now Manager Operations at Eurest Services. He leads nine regional managers, who in turn manage over three hundred sites. Dennis is part of a team consisting of five Manager Operations colleagues and a Facility Service Development Manager.

“The great thing about my work and the challenge it involves is that no day is the same. Every contract, every organisation and every representative is different. That means I have discussions about a wide range of subjects.” Dennis is particularly proud of the unique one-team-model used by Eurest Services. “For every client, we have one contact person, regardless of
the number of services we provide at a
site. That avoids unnecessary internal consultations
and offers our clients real added value.”

MARRY NOMEN - Locatiemanager

Marry nomenMarry Nomen is the site manager of Fujitsu in Maarssen. Having worked in catering since 1999, Marry has plenty of experience. It was therefore no surprise that she won the award for Best Catering Manager 2014. Marry is able to invest a great deal of energy into catering. Among her many tasks, she devotes particular attention to preparing the salad bar, performing quality controls and placing orders. No wonder that occupancy at lunch is 75%.

“I look after my guests well and make them feel at home. I really enjoy taking care of other people. Where better to do that than in catering?”

NOORTJE VAN ZEIJL - Account Manager Banqueting

Noortje van ZeijlBanqueting runs through Noortje van Zeijl’s veins. She became Assistant Banqueting Manager in 2002, was then promoted to Banqueting Manager and since 2009 has been working as Account Manager Banqueting on the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) campuses. Noortje is responsible for all banqueting in seventy UvA and HvA buildings, varying from chic dinners in a museum to receptions and lunches for over a thousand people. Noortje is also involved in organising such events behind the scenes and keeping in touch with the client.

"I obviously don’t do all this alone, but together with my colleagues. I absolutely love the diversity of my work and keeping guests and clients happy!”


Peter MeesterPeter Meester started work twelve years ago as a cook for one of the catering companies which later merged with Eurest. He then became the sous-chef at another Eurest site. Two years later, he became the chef at an RBS branch and for the last two and a half years he has been the proud chef and site manager of Eurest.

Peter is in the kitchen early. “My team and I start work at half past six in the morning, preparing our fresh soups and all the other dishes of the day. I use the afternoon for orders and administration. Such variety is what makes my job so interesting. I love surprising our guests every day and making them feel welcome.”

SUZANNE KUIJPERS - Junior Formulemanager

Suzanne KuijpersSuzanne is a real multitasker at Eurest Nederland. In 2007, she started work in the Purchase support department as an Assortment control assistant, before being promoted to product manager. In that capacity, she and Hans Gijsen developed new products and concepts, such as the Baguette Bar and the Street Food Bar. In early 2014, Suzanne became Junior Formula Manager. She is currently working on the ‘ReFresh!’ programme, aimed at optimising the company restaurant. She conducts guest surveys, leads inspiration meetings and coaches teams on site.

“By closely analysing the wishes of the guests and thinking up suitable activities, you can influence the number of guests who visit the restaurant and what they buy. I love that!”